Hockey: A Tough Sport by Alex Leef

Most people know that hockey is a tough sport, but most don’t understand the real physical toll that 82 games and the playoffs have on every single player.  With hockey being a contact sport players are expected to give and receive numerous bone-crunching hits on a nightly basis. Most hits just leave a small bruise, but some can leave more serious injuries that would put most other athletes on the sidelines.  In the regular season hockey is still very intense and a physical game, but when your team enters the postseason you are in for something else. 

 In the playoffs, teams are fighting to stay alive and they will beat down their competitor until the final buzzer. Then they do it again two nights later. This is what adds up all the injuries. If you just watch hockey you probably won’t see the effect these injuries have on the players, but when you pay close attention and read reports almost every player has an undisclosed injury.  Teams rarely reveal…

Concussion: The Movie Review

As a person who has suffered multiple head and neck injuries, I understand the real impact and dangers of concussions. In my hockey career I have gone through a broken neck and 3 concussions. While my concussions were mild others have suffered concussions much worse.  Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease found in people who have had repeated blows to the head.The recently released movie Concussion is about awareness of CTE and the story of a doctor that brought this to the attention of the public.  This syndrome can be found predominantly in athletes.  Most of these athletes that suffer from CTE do not feel the first symptoms until they retire, as symptoms normally start 8-10 years following these blows to the head.  
The first symptoms are dizziness, disorientation, and headaches.  This is followed by memory loss, odd behavior, and bad judgement. If these symptoms are not dealt with this will eventually lead to death. Research and study by Benne…

From the Ice to the Future

People say hockey is just a dangerous game that only leads to injury.  I understand more than most, so I can’t say you’re completely wrong.  But to me, it is much more than that. Besides being the reason I get up in the morning, it also has opened, and will open, many doors for me in the future.  About 6 years ago, I crashed into the boards at Panthers Ice Den,. Not only did I suffer a concussion, but I also suffered 3 fractures in my C1 vertebrae. This is also known as a Jefferson Fracture.  I was unable to move my neck for nine months before returning to the ice. If you’re wondering, I am 100% insane. Six years later, completely healed, I now use the game that almost ruined my life to help me make the best of it.  I have always believed that hockey will open up doors for me, and now I do more than ever. It was March 11, 2017 when I came into the living room to see my dad holding up a letter with a tear in his eye. The only thing he could say was “You did it.”  Moving back a little, I…