Concussion: The Movie Review

As a person who has suffered multiple head and neck injuries, I understand the real impact and dangers of concussions. In my hockey career I have gone through a broken neck and 3 concussions. While my concussions were mild others have suffered concussions much worse.  Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease found in people who have had repeated blows to the head.The recently released movie Concussion is about awareness of CTE and the story of a doctor that brought this to the attention of the public.  This syndrome can be found predominantly in athletes.  Most of these athletes that suffer from CTE do not feel the first symptoms until they retire, as symptoms normally start 8-10 years following these blows to the head.  

The first symptoms are dizziness, disorientation, and headaches.  This is followed by memory loss, odd behavior, and bad judgement. If these symptoms are not dealt with this will eventually lead to death. Research and study by Bennet Omalu played by Will Smith has studied many retired football players that have started feeling symptoms. Mike Webster was the first player to be found with these symptoms . Previously, football players would take huge hits to the head and be sent back into the game without caution. Also, helmet and safety technology was very bad and head injuries were common.  Most players would sustain a head injury, grab some water and head back into the game to take another hit.  This was the awareness that Omalu was trying to raise. These players would load up on painkillers ignoring the fact that they have suffered a serious concussion, and just wanted to keep playing. Bennet Omalu, being a minority had to battle criticism and hatred just to get to the truth so that players of football would be safer and not suffer from CTE later in life beyond football.
So, the movie Concussion was a great film that opened my eyes to the true dangers of 

concussions that can lead to CTE. Also, Bennet Omalu fought through so many people who didn’t 

care about the players and just on what they produced on the field. His research would cause 

more caution and lead to more players being sidelined for injuries. People threatened him and his 

family, but he never stopped fighting for what was right. That is why I loved this movie, but also the 

message it sent that was to never give up, and fight for what is right.


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